Looking for unique scents to fragrance your wedding, or beautiful wedding favours that your guests will treasure? Look no further than new amberhoney's wedding service, providing soy wax melts & candles and accessories for your big day. 

They say scent has a strong link to memory, so by adding your favourite amberhoney scent to your wedding venue, you can be reminded of your happiest memories every time you smell that fragrance afterwards. You can choose from any of our luxury scented home fragrance products in any of our scents, so there is something for everyone. See below for some examples of how we can be a part of your day.


If you are local to Dartmouth, you are welcome to book a scent consultation in our sister shop - Leocadia on Union Street.

This is where we can go through all of the amberhoney scents to find your perfect match, and discuss the products in more detail. Not local? Don't worry, we can put together a sample pack for you to be sent through the post, and talk about the details via email or phone. There is a £10 charge for consultations (both in person and via post) that covers the samples you are free to keep afterwards. If you choose to book in with amberhoney, this £10 fee is taken off your total. 

For more details and price lists, please fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.