black friday at amberhoney

black friday at amberhoney

Although today is the day when a lot of retailers are offering huge discounts and promotions, amberhoney prices will remain the same. I make almost all of my products by hand, and the ones I dont I source from suppliers with high standards. Therefore I believe all my prices are fair and reflect the work and high quality materials that are used.

Having been in retail for most of my working life before I opened my own store, I have seen the reality of the "discounts" most big brands offer on Black Friday. Products that are heavily discounted were either always destined to be sold at a cheaper price, often quickly produced and low quality. They are then put on sale for a few weeks at a higher price before being put half price or even more when the Black Friday sales start. Alternatively, brands just drag out old sale stock from years of backlog they are struggling to get rid of and discount these in the hope they go.

While I appreciate these big brands are able to do this, and can offer products to customers who may not afford it otherwise, I believe it is creating a trend of overconsumption of things we dont really need.

While amberhoney is not participating in black friday this year, there are plenty of small businesses that are. If you are in genuine need of an item or starting your christmas shopping, try your local small businesses first, as they are normally produced and sourced with more care than big businesses and you will be supporting people and families who have had a tough couple of years recently. If you follow me on social media, I'll be tagging some of these brands that I follow and love.
While I'm here I would like to say thank you to everyone who has bought from, shared social media posts and just been generally lovely about amberhoney since I opened in July, I am so grateful for all of your support. I am looking forward to spending the Christmas season seeing lots of you out and about at markets - keep an eye out for details soon.

Best Wishes

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