august events

august events

It's finally summer!

Well it's meant to be, although there's not a lot of sun around unfortunately! However, these rainy days are getting me excited for the start of autumn, and my favourite time of year - candle season! 

Despite the weather, amberhoney has a super busy month coming up. As it's the summer holidays, it's one of the busiest times of year for the shop which is located in the gorgeous town of Dartmouth. It's so pretty we can see why people love to spend their holidays here, and we're so lucky we get to be here all year round! If you are visiting Dartmouth this summer, be sure to stop by the shop on Union Street. It's the little side road in between the old market and the lovely cobbled foss street, both full of amazing small businesses too. It's so nice to see the town come alive, with people milling around and lots of boats out on the river. Now we've been open a whole year, it's also really nice to see people who visited our Dartmouth store last summer again, and show them how much it's changed!  Looking back at pictures, the store looked so little compared to what is now. It's crazy what a few little moves can do to a space, and it means we've managed to fit in so many more of our own products, as well as other brands we love. 

As well as preparing for our busiest time in the shop, we are also out and about this month at some great events: 
  • 6th August - young traders market, exeter cathedral green
  • 23rd - 26th August - dartmouth regatta shopping parade
  • 28th August - stoke fleming show, stoke fleming playing field

6th August - First up is the young traders event, which is being held on the cathedral green in exeter. Find amberhoney alongside a whole bunch of other businesses run by young people.

From the 23rd - 26th August, Dartmouth is holding its annual regatta which sees lots of rowing and sailing competitions on the river dart, and lots of fun events happening around the town. Amberhoney will be open both in the shop on Union Street, and also in a gazebo on the shopping parade, which runs along the riverfront. Our resident artist, Jack Wotton, will also be playing guitar and singing in the bandstand on a few of the days - check out his instagram (@jackwottonmusic) for more details!

Our last event of the month is at Stoke Fleming, a lovely little village above Dartmouth at their show on Bank Holiday Monday.

I love doing markets and meeting new people. As easy as online shopping can be, it's so nice to see people smell the candles I make and relate scents to their own memories and stories. It's also fun designing a little pop up space for amberhoney, and I change it each time! I feel like the brand has come on so much since I started doing markets 3 years ago and it's so nice to look at the progress I've made. 

Make sure to follow @amberhoneyhome on social media for more details of where and when to find us this summer, and don't forget the dartmouth store will also be open most days this month 10:30-5, make sure to come and say hi if your visiting this summer!


Best Wishes,


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